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How to choose a good household vacuum cleaner


1, the suction is strong enough. Vacuum suction unit. A greater degree of vacuum suction. Pa (mpa) is commonly used in said. Family 27 kpa, up and down is better. Low suction is not enough. Some waste too much. It can achieve 16 kpa handheld. To the shopping center do the vacuum water column had better look for when buying a show more intuitive, bowling
2, prevent secondary pollution. Through inhalation of dust is not as clean as filtering seco is effective
* sponge: the filterability of the worst.
* activated carbon filter: can increase the adsorption capacity of dust, but larger hole filterability.
* microfiber cloth: quality of a material is meticulous, it is a kind of more economical material, the performance is better than the former two. * HEPA filter: high precision filter adsorption capacity is strong, is currently the best filtering material.
* composite paper bag: double filtering effectively raise dust filtration rate, defect cost is too high. The advantages of convenient use full of dust can be thrown away without washing.
2. The air purification sterilization technology. Electrostatic dust catcher, HEPA dust purification, activated carbon adsorption, photocatalytic did not renewable (sun), cold catalyst (natural regeneration) recommended! Catalytic decomposition of formaldehyde.
More than 3, the suction nozzle. See by vacuum cleaner equipped with suction nozzle is appropriate for your cleaning needs. Equipped with, of course, the more the more will be applicable occasions.
. Steam brush head intelligent vacuum cleaner, add a small amount of water to the vacuum cleaner brush head, through the brush head of steam heater to heat, using high temperature steam to aseptic, can more easily remove oily be soiled coffee stains and other stubborn stains, and brush head with a piece of cloth, can side absorb a side to rub, a complete cleaning process.
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