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The unlt will not turn-on

Your Steam Mop should be securely plugged into a 220V-240V AC oloctrcal ooutlot if your unlt still does not work. call Customer Care +86-400-808-8208 +1-800-721-9821

The unit will not make steam

if there is no steam generating from the unit, follow the decaicification instructions on page 7

Cannot select steam ting/indicator LED Light remains on flahing

Add water to the tank and press the ON/Standby button to restart. if your unitl still does not work.call Customer Care at +86-400-808-8208 +1-800-821-982L

The Steam Mop may leave water on thre floor after steaming

Check to see if your micro fiber cleaning pad is soaked through

The Steam Mop may leave a white spot on the floor after steaming

Do not leave your Steam Mop on the floor with a damp cleaning pad for a long time if you`re using tap water we recommend switching distilled water

Floors are cloudy streaky or spotty after steaming

The mkro-fiber cleaning pad might be dirty. Flip or change the cleaning pad. if you washed the cleaning pad with powder detergent then it will damage

The Steam Mop is hard to Push

Make sure the micro-fiber cleaning pad attached correctly. Check to see if the cleaning pad is excessively dirty.if so, replace the cleaning pad

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