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Steam drag is introduced


The utility model relates to a cleaning device, especially relating to a kind of improved structure of steam mop, etc.
Its main is to solve the existing technology of steam mop because only spray steam, unable to clear the bigger of the two stains on the ground, and the ability to advance more dirty floor cleaning, operation is relatively complex technical problems. The utility model including the handle bar
(1), the bottom connection are grouped together on the cover
(2), and the base
(3), the base is equipped with a wheel, the base is equipped with water tank at the back of the cabinet
(4), the tank body connected with heat pipes
(5), hair heat pipe and base at the bottom of the bottom nozzle
(6), connection, its characteristics is described in the bottom of the nozzle
(7), the mop the floor below with cloth
(8), the connection on the underside of the base.
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