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Portable steam drag function


1. The high temperature sterilization 120 degrees high temperature steam sterilization
2. Remove the oil can be quickly dissolve stubborn stains, clean easily
3. Ironing dry cleaning function can be a matter, ironing, dry cleaning dust and sterilization function
4. Just use water environmental protection, pollution-free, not shave polishing the product to the environment.
5. High effect within a few minutes the water into steam, need not use detergent or chemical, for each type of material play a good efficient cleaning and disinfection efficacy.
6. Descaling friction energy without effort, to be clean the surface of things will not cause any injury, eliminate grease, odor, odor, lime deposits, soap scum, mold, the old mark, such as calcium trace all kinds of dirt.
7. Healthy living high temperature steam to kill dust mites, e. coli and salmonella, E for you and your family to build a cleaner, healthier living environment.
8. The multi-function cleaning supplies, household cleaning, sterilization, disinfection, etc. It can be finished at the same time, thoroughly remove family health problems and difficulties, is an expert in almighty household cleaning;
9. The operation is simple, match with a variety of nozzle and brush, flexible is suitable for various occasions.
10. Green environmental protection, without any chemical agents, no pollution, can replace traditional ?
11. Have high temperature sterilization, disinfection effect, can clean almost everything;
The function of hot comfort, dry cleaning, vertical hot comfort of clothing can, dry cleaning dust, multi-use of;
13. The big, strong, long, large capacity, strong pressure, steam last long;
14. Resistant dry and auto power off function.
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