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The maintenance of the household vacuum cleaner


1, regular cleaning dust collecting barrel of garbage, especially the dust bag, such as vacuum cleaners have a lot of dust, workplace should clean up once a day. If not timely cleaning dust blocked by dust bags and garbage in barrels will increase the load on the motor so as to shorten the motor life.
2, check the power plug of the industrial vacuum cleaners and the power cord is damaged, in order to avoid leakage burn out motor produce risk.
3, to work of time specified by the suction machine, not overworked, otherwise will affect the service life of vacuum cleaners.
4, the machine when not in use after you clean up the garbage barrel for put in ventilated dry place.
5, often should check on the hose and barrel of the machine of the sealing ring is damaged, vacuum hose not excessive tensile, bending, in order to avoid damage.
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